We will create a global leaders
that will lead the new future of Korea.

The small changes that began with the Internet revolution spread to SNS, mobile, cloud, big data, IOT and led to the 4th industrial revolution, and these changes are constantly demanding the appearance of new business. CHA Business School(​CBS) is designed to train expert of management who will lead the new industry in this change. To do this, we have prepared Global MBA based on the understanding of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Entrepreneurship MBA to train expert of management, Healthcare MBA for professionals who will lead the healthcare industry, which is the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Global MBA

With the advent of the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, rapid changes in society are taking place, such as the convergence of the real world and the virtual world (O2O). The goal of the Global MBA is to train experts who can adapt to these changes and lead a new future. In addition, we study new disciplines that present a new paradigm for building a society about sustainable production, sustainable distribution, and production and distribution, which are key tasks of the future society.

Entrepreneurship MBA

With the economic growth and the advancement of the industrial structure, there is a growing demand for start-ups as a new driving force for economic growth. Accordingly, Entrepreneurship MBA is aiming to train social entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial spirit that fulfills their social responsibilities while pursuing profits through technological innovation and creative destruction. We will study the whole of venture ecosystem from start-up of venture business to exit strategy which is the end of entrepreneurial activity.

Healthcare MBA

The global healthcare market is exploding with people’s interest in health. Accordingly, Healthcare MBA is aiming to train global healthcare professionals who can actively cope with changes in the management environment and policies at domestic and abroad, as well as leading the way. We also study the healthcare industry in general through linkage with the CHA Hospital.